August 2012, As an innovator Scott S. Richards (SSR) decides that 21st century technology needs to be applied to workplace safety. SSR starts the patent process and Cloud Safety Systems™ sets out to develop airbag  based geriatric and industrial fall protection. SSR designed, prototyped and prosecuted the patents for airbag based fall protection devices, triggered by fall detection sensors. 

July 2016, The Cloud Safety Systems™ team grew with the addition of two remarkable partners, Craig Carlson and Henry Jacobs. During the development of our fall detection circuits we identified a market utilizing that detection technology as a stand-alone safety product. This strategy will allow us to get to market more quickly than previously envisioned.  

September 2016, US patent is issued for  "Inflatable Protection Safety Apparatus and Method of Use"

September 2017, CSS Worldwide Inc. was created to develop and market the Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ (WSMS™). 

September 2017, Prototype of WSMS ™ sensing unit completed.

October 2017, CSS Worldwide Inc. is selected to participate in the Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Program (Microsoft Innovation Lab)

February 2018, Rev. 4 of WSMS™ sensing unit completed with collaboration of Microsoft

As participants in the IoT & AI Insider program, Microsoft is committed to supporting  CSS Worldwide on an on-going basis.


Cloud Safety Systems was founded on the conviction that technology needs to be better utilized to reduce injuries and save lives in the 21st century. This is the story of our development.

As a Certified Safety Professional with an extensive engineering (40 years) background as a naval architect and marine engineer in the oil industry, SSR could not accept that the best behavior data that industry could collect was with a clipboard and pencil observing the workforce. 

Out of this realization came our first product, Workplace Safety Monitoring System (WSMS) 

The deployment of the WSMS in various industrial settings will also allow for the refinement of the fall detection algorithm required to commercialize Cloud Safety Systems Inc. fall protection belts.