​Our revolutionary patented airbag based fall prevention and protection devices offer: 

- Actual prophylactic full body protection from injuries resulting from falls.

- Self-contained wearable technology allowing for free movement and independence indoors and outside

- Comfortable elastic belt with built in back support

- Provides vigilant protection (mitigates neglect of safety protocols and procedures)

- Connected technology to allow for automatic notification of a fall

- Technology is applicable to other safety applications  (fire, noxious gas, asbestos, etc.) 

Technology from our Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ (WSMS™) is integrated into our patented fall protection devices.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, the device detects the onset of an unrecoverable fall to instantly deploy a full body protective airbag that protects the wearer before hitting the ground or other objects.

Healthcare and Geriatric fall protection equipment does NOT exist – fall detection technologies in the market only send alerts after a fall has occurred..

In the workplace falls and injuries still occur with or without harnesses.   While harnesses are designed to arrest falls, they do not provide protection from fall impact.

Patented personal protection that greatly minimizes injuries from elevated and pedestrian falls


Fall prevention measures– floor materials, rails, walkers, sturdy shoes etc. only go so far -  Falls still occur and result in injuries. 

-Slips, Trip and Falls are the leading cause of Accidents and Hospitalizations

-Industrial falls -  Largest category of workman compensation claims, over $16 billion in 2014

-Falls for people 65+ - Direct medical cost of  $30 billion 2012 increasing to $67 billion by 2020

Slips, Trips and Falls happen....

Pioneering Solutions in Fall Protection