Tailored reporting provides data to objectively analyze conditions and behaviors in order to prevent or minimize accidents and injuries. 

HSE professionals no longer have to rely on subjective observed data collected with clipboards and pencils to evaluate the workforce. Information for personnel and mobile equipment in the vicinity of all near miss and accident events is collected anonymously only when events occur.  Interactions between workers and equipment in the time leading up to an event can be replayed and analyzed.

Incident trend reporting​

Utilizing a suite of customized sensors and proprietary software, our Workplace Safety Monitoring System™  is a turnkey solution for safety professionals to identify near miss and accident events involving people and mobile equipment to improve safety performance and productivity.

Our Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ gives Safety Professionals:

- Positive solutions to modify safety behaviors and mitigate injuries

​​- Metrics and trend measurements that identify hazards in a facility

- Connected technology allowing for automatic notification of specific behaviors 

Our wearable technology in the workplace identifies all falling, stumbling, jumping, running, horseplay, and collision incidents of workers and mobile equipment. 

The Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ (WSMS™) identifies all near miss and accident events that occur in the workplace, locates other workers or mobile equipment in the vicinity and anonymously captures their interactions leading up to the event for animated replay and analysis.

Detailed information allowing for replay of interactions leading to incidents

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Summary reports of incidents