Slips, Trip and Falls are the leading cause of Accidents and Hospitalizations

Industrial falls -  Largest category of workman compensation claims,

over $16 billion in 2014

Falls for people 65+ - Direct medical cost of  
$30 billion 2012

increasing to $67 billion by 2020 

Cloud Safety Systems is a worldwide leader in Technology that is 

Pioneering Personal Safety Solutions™

Our Mission is to save lives and improve the quality of life. 

We believe that the world is a better place with you in it. 

Customized sensing technology that monitors personnel, equipment and localized conditions in real time to identify behaviors and detect hazards in a variety of settings.

Patented technology and proprietary algorithms programmed to recognize high risk behaviors and conditions to trigger airbag based protection against falls and collisions.

Additional applications of the technology includes unique airbag configurations providing protection from noxious gases, asbestos, fire and other detectable hazards.

Our impact – our services and products:

- Create a safer workplace by lowering accident rates at work

- Protect people from injuries from falls

- Extend the independent life style of our seniors as they age.

- Reduce the burden placed on our Healthcare system, especially

  high-cost emergency room visits where fall injuries are initially treated